Grace J. Power

My Pink Wink™ Bleaching Cream

TOP Label small#1 Selling Skin Bleaching Cream

My Pink Wink Cream™ was first developed in 2006 and given out as samples to Grace’s wax clients who were concerned with dark pigment on their private areas, stomach, underarms, nipples, elbows and knees. Grace began to discover that many women were self conscious of these dark areas but didn’t realize there was a product that could help them.

Grace worked with the chemist to re-formulate My Pink Wink Cream™ a few more times before they got it perfect and officially started selling it in 2007 at Acomoclitic Laser & Wax Studio. Once they added the product to their online store, people began to purchase My Pink Wink Cream™ from all over the US and even other countries on a daily basis.

Grace has developed a website personalized for My Pink Wink Cream™ at

Grace J Power

Grace shares her experience with other estheticians in order to raise the industry standard for brazilian waxing, sugaring and laser hair removal.